The driver's safety guide

The driver's safety guide

Big European Cities have to deal with a new form of terrorist attacks in which unsuspected trucks are being used. After Nice and Berlin it happened again in Stockholm. Not all situations can be avoided but some do. We have prepared some tips for driver that can prevent many tragedies.

Last Friday in Stockholm a terrorist jumped into an open truck cabin the driver of which was busy unloading the goods. It seems that this tragedy could have been prevented.

It's important to call on truck drivers to adhere to the following rules to avoid a situation in which another truck will cause the death of innocent people:

  • Do not leave your vehicle unattended
  • Try to park in guarded car parks
  • Always turn security systems on when you leave your car
  • Always close the cabin when you leave the vehicle and never leave your keys inside
  • Do not let hitchhikers and strangers in
  • Be alert to suspicious situations, note suspicious registration numbers of other vehicles
  • Report all incidents in your headquarters

Unfortunately, it looks like this terrorist attack will not be the last. Rumiyah journal issued by Islamic terrorists an article titled Just Terror Attacks was published in which the self-proclaimed Islamic State calls to carry out attacks using trucks and explains in detail how to prepare to do it. The article details such information like making sure to hijack a large and heavy vehicle, preferably with a full tank.