The creator of Facebook encountered the world of truck drivers and... is impressed!

The creator of Facebook encountered the world of truck drivers and... is impressed!

Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of the popular social networking site, talks about his impressions after his visit to one of the largest truck stops for truck drivers in America.

A month ago, Zuckerberg posted the photos of his visit in the IOWA 80 - the largest truck stop for truck drivers - on his Facebook profile. Here is what he says about his encounter with the world of transport:

It's like a small city where truckers on long trips can take a break, get something to eat, get a haircut, do laundry, get their truck washed -- or their dog washed! -- and even go to the dentist."

Meetings with the truckers made Zuckerberg realise that "trucking is a unique lifestyle -- that often involves your family".


One of the drivers the American met sent eight of his children to college with the money he had earned behind the wheel. Other driver sees his wife and three dogs once every three weeks. Another trucker sometimes drives with his wife so they can spend more time together.


Zuckerberg was curious how the work in transport has changed in the last decades:

I asked the truckers what's changed over the last few decades. When the truckers I met started driving, you logged your driving hours on pieces of paper. Now it's electronic and automatic, which makes it harder to drive more hours than you're supposed to. Some people said they want to work longer, but they feel like regulations are getting in the way of their freedom and doing what they want to do. It's tough because those regulations try to keep people on the road safe," the American wrote.

The creator of the popular website asked the drivers about the future of their profession and how modern technologies affect transport. "Everyone I met was skeptical self-driving trucks would replace jobs for different reasons. Some thought it would be impossible to pack all the sensors you need to deal with things like weather into trucks. Others thought computers could handle the interstate but not the last mile to the store. And some truckers think we'll end up with something like autopilot on planes -- with trucks driving themselves with people in the cab."


For the question of what is the biggest challenge for the truckers, they all replied: "cars." Zuckerberg ended his story with the appeal to car drivers:

So next time you're annoyed by a truck on the road, just know that they probably feel the same way about you."

American truckers and Donald Trump

It seems that Donald Trump joined the enthusiasts of the world of transport. After winning the election, the newly elected President of the United States invited the representatives of the transport industry to the White House. During the meeting with the truckers, Trump showed them that he appreciated their contribution into development of the American economy: "America depends on you, You work very hard for this country."