Lithuanian carrier protest: only prayers remain

Lithuanian carrier protest: only prayers remain

On Tuesday, Aprill 11, at the famous Church and St. Peter and Paul in Vilnius dozens of carriers gathered, protesting against the growing prices of OCP. Over the past few years insurance prises increased by up to 4 times for some companies.

The main reason for the price increase is the lack of competition on the Lithuanian market. Transport companies have long been trying to solve this problem but to no avail. Insurance rates grow constantly: in a few years they increased by an average of 30 to 300% and in some cases by up to 400%.

Insurance companies argue that the increase in contributions is caused by the increase in the number of traffic accidents involving trucks which invokes outrage in the industry. How can more expensive OCP affect the security on the roads?

Not without a reason has such a location been chosen. According to the statement of Juozas Kuklys, the organiser of the protest, "carriers have nothing else to do but use non-traditional methods to protect their trucks".

One of them is praying to God asking for help. During the protest a priest was blessing the vehicles and called on everyone to pray. The second method turned out to be more down-to-earth. They taped cushions to the trucks. In both cases the allusion is more than obvious.

The carriers already say that in the future they will be organising a larger protest, including blocking the roads.