Autonomic trucks that can be safely controlled remotely

Autonomic trucks that can be safely controlled remotely

Swedish start-up Einride presented autonomous T-Pod trucks which have no cabins for humans and which can be safely controlled remotely.

The new vehicles are equipped with an electric engine one charging of which will last about 200 kilometres. The length of the set is 7 metres, while the weight (with the load) – 20 tonnes.

The Einride company announced that the possibility to remotely control the vehicle will help improve driving conditions. One person will be able to drive several cars at the same time.

This will revolutionise the work of truck drivers who will be able to rest and take coffee breaks when they feel like it", said Robert Falck, general manager of the start-up.

This is one of the first such projects in the world. In this respect T-Pod outperforms other autonomous trucks because carriers will not be limited by certain restrictions, e.g. mandatory presence of a driver in the vehicle.

Tests of the new trucks in Einride are planned for 2017. By 2020 200 such cars will be authorised.


Photo: Einride