A deaf German fulfils his dream about being a truck driver

A deaf German fulfils his dream about being a truck driver

Nils is 22 years old and truck is his second home. He has always wanted to sit behind the wheel. Unfortunately, the way to achieve this was full of obstacles.

BR Fernsehen, German television, aired a short documentary which tells the story of a young deaf man who did not succumb to the adversities and fulfilled his biggest dream.

22-year-old Nils basically always wanted only one thing – to sit behind the wheel of a truck. This dream was growing inside of him when he was a kid. His uncle and grandfather took him on rides in a silo vehicle, a concrete mixer.

Nils seemed to think that the only thing he had to do was to get a driving license to realise his dream. Unfortunately, the employment agency, due to his disability, recommended training in a craftsman profession. Also his family was sceptical about boy's plans. His mother wondered whether he's not too young for this and his grandfather said that "you have to hear to become a truck driver".

However, Nils did not give up and decided to fight for his dream. Father supported him all the way. The boy is doing the third year of apprenticeship in one of German transport companies. He transports the cobblestones to construction sites. This is what the German wants to do. His job seems interesting to him and his disability does not pose even the slightest obstacle to him: "There is always a solution".

I adapt to any customer's behaviour – everyone is different. We all differ from each other, that's why it's interesting – adds the young German. Did Nils wonder whether to do something else? "No, I never dreamt of any other profession. My only goal was to be a truck driver, my everything. In 100%. That's what I live for."

Nils' passion and determination are admirable. The young German shows everyone that you just need to believe and it is important to move forward, even against the wind, to fulfil your dreams.

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Photo: br.de